Wednesday, June 27, 2012

San Francisco Days - Post 2

I enjoy going to cafe's even though I am not much of a coffee drinker.  I am much more of a tea person so I really enjoy going to tea rooms or even just enjoying the occasional pearl milk teas.  You will notice from previous posts, that if I do go to a cafe, I order tea.  If a cafe has a nice assortment of teas, I will get excited.  If they don't, I end up getting hot chocolate or some non-coffee related drink.  I love the smell of coffee, just not the taste.

Over the weekend, I went to our neighborhood cafe which has really delicious sandwiches!  Didn't order any coffee or tea, just the sandwich, and enjoyed the afternoon in this cafe.  San Francisco is often foggy, at least on my side of the town, and so it's really important to savor the sunny days.  This day was open and bright and I just wanted to be out.

I don't like coffee, but this seems like it would be tasty for the coffee enthusiast to try.

Hot roast beef sandwich on dutch crunch with house made chips. *mmmmm**

Enjoying the sun through the cafe window.


  1. That sandwich looks delicious! (Well, if you let the beef out, haha)

    1. haha, yes! sandwich was good indeed -- best part is always the bread for me-- when the bread is good, the sandwich is good

  2. Im the same with Coffee. I dont understand why it doesn't taste like it smells hehe. I LOVE tea! Im currently drinking Pu'reh tea but most of the time its genmaicha tea or my morning favourite Earl Grey.

    That sandwich looks heavenly!

    1. lol, seriously - If coffee tasted the way it smelled, I'd love it too. And me too!! I am an absolute tea fanatic. Agreed, pu'reh is very good. Genmaicha is my favorite of the green teas, and earl grey is definitely a classic. I love black teas for morning and flavored oolong teas.


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