Monday, June 18, 2012

Currently Watching...

...This Korean drama that has gotten me addicted.  It's called "Love Rain."  I usually tend to gravitate towards romantic comedy type dramas, so this melodrama would not normally be something I will dedicate myself to watching.  However, this particular one has got me.  Perhaps because it keeps reminding me of my own marriage - haha, i know, so sappy ~_<  

But yes, I highly enjoy this drama.  If you like melodramas, this one's for you!  It's set in the 70s in the beginning of the show where it develops the young love of these two characters.  Some tragic thing happens.  Then it flash forwards to the future where some surprises happen.  It's a little bit fairy tale-ish in it's presentation of love, and was slow at first, but I still love it and am completely hooked!!

It's actually not such great timing for me to be hooked to this drama since I have a teacher credentialing test to take on Wednesday... but it does provide for a nice little break in between the studying!  It takes so much discipline though for me to resist.  I'd much rather keep watching than stop to study.  I can't wait until Wednesday is over so I can really finish this drama and go back to enjoying the projects I was planning on doing and sharing them with you all.


  1. Is this a TV series or a movie? I enjoy watching Asian movies every now and then, although it's been a while. The last one I saw was Sympathy for Lady Vengeance, weird and kind of scary.

    Hope you do great in the test!!! ;D Fingers crossed for you, girl! Let me know how it was, please.

    Oh, and my husband's friends got the mameshiba erasers at Comic Con or a similar event. I bet you can get them at E-Bay, too if you want them.

    1. Hi Miki! This is a TV series. There are 20 episodes, so it's not too long. If you enjoy melodramas, you will enjoy this :)

      Thanks for the good wishes for my test!! I hope that I passed.. It was quite brutal - 4 hours 0_0 but I'm glad it's over, and I can now get back to enjoying my vacation.

      oo, and yes, I will be on the look out for those mameshiba erasers! hehe :D thanks for stopping by and I hope your week is well so far!


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