Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Freshly made ice cream each time...

A friend of mine recommended this little gem, in my lovely home of a city, San Francisco.  It's this ice cream place that makes each scoop to order.   When my friend told me of this, I was confused.  I mean, I'm still stuck in the idea that ice cream just comes in tubs that you buy in the grocery store.  How could it be made fresh each time a customer walks in?

But they do it.  And this wonderfully amazing place is called Smitten Ice Cream.  The taste of their ice cream is absolutely DIVINE!

Smitten ice cream -- made fresh for each customer.  
They had several of these little contraptions for each flavor.  The machine made the ice cream fresh for each customer's cup, cone, or sundae. So literally, you get to eat it within minutes of it being freshly made.  Go to their website to read their story.  It's pretty amazing because it all started with one person with this machine on her wagon.

I ordered a salted caramel sundae.  

Oh Smitten ice cream,  you were so ridiculously delicious.  Thank you for making my taste buds fill with joy.  I will be returning for you soon.  

With love,
hello bunnies


  1. oh no! I want to try some now as it looks so mouth wateringly delicious. Its a good thing the weather doesn't quite match that here so I'd end up with frost bites.

    1. lol, it is so good! one option is making it house made, so i'm sure u have some place near you that can make equivalent delicious ice cream!

  2. Awe, I'll jot this down for when we go to SF ... soon, I hope!

    It makes me so happy to know that you love Mameshibas, haha! I so adore them! One of David's best friends' gave me some Mameshiba erasers and I have taken them for a ride a couple of times, hehe.

    In case you haven't seen such posts:

    Thanks a lot for having entered my giveaway! ;D

    Happy midweek!

  3. oh my, salted caramel sounds so tempting!

    1. It's such a good flavor! Perfect blend of salty and sweet

  4. Looks so good, I'm too tempted.


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