Sunday, September 2, 2012

Kawaii Birthday Travel Gift Set

My Friend is going to spend one whole month in Japan so I decided that for her birthday, I would make her a little travel gift set.  In the gift set, I included a hand decorated journal for her to keep notes of what she plans to do and organize tickets/receipts etc.  I also purchased a zine from My Life as a Magazine.  I will post about that later, but in the zine, it has tips of where to go for stationary, toys, kawaii things, etc.  I also threw in a nice little pack of lupicia cookie tea to be brewed in soy milk.  Something for her to relax with as she plans her trip!

 First, the handmade card and envelope!  

 One thing about my friend's taste that I noticed is she likes the bold colors.  Her favorite san-x character is san-pio (sentimental circus) - so when i think of that, I think of pinks and blacks.

Travel Journal!  Purchased the notebook from Typo and decorated w/ tapes, papers, and doilies!

Compartment for tickets and receipts.

Hope you all have a nice start of the week bunnies!