Sunday, June 24, 2012


Last Friday, I got the chance to participate in a focus group for the launch of a new makeup product.  I can't really say anything about what it is since everything has to remain confidential, but I wanted to share all the free stuff I got from participating!  I love makeup and skin care products, and have another joy outside of crafting/packaging.  I really enjoy watching my youtube gurus.  Even though I'm not an expert, and I pretty much always keep a natural, simple makeup routine, I love learning more about makeup.  It's all so very interesting, and these gurus are all so inspiring to me. I will list some of my favorite beauty gurus below. But first, the free stuff:

 I felt so excited about getting all of these products: A taupe eye shadow palette, two eyeliners in black and brown, body creme, anti-aging cream,  a night recovery concentrate, eye cream, and a lip gloss.  These are name brand products, so the retail value is probably over $100!  I am most excited about all the Lancome products and the anti-aging serum (according to the beauty gurus, it's never too early to start using!)
The nice little bag it all came in.  So excited!  and so is korilakkuma ~_<

So, if you're like me, and you enjoy beauty and skincare products, here are some of my favorite youtube gurus:

michellephan - Many people already know her because she's gotten so huge and is the number 1 most watched female youtube star.   She has done so many amazing looks, but my favorites are always her DIY tips and natural tutorials. I've been following her since 2008, so I'm happy that she is so successful now.

bubzbeauty - She is so cute! And I love all her vlogs where she discusses non-beauty product related issues.  She does a lot of natural look tutorials, which I love.  

ILearnWithMinette - I just recently discovered her channel and love her so much! Maybe it's the personal connection to her since she is also a teacher.  

frmheadtotoe - She has a great style and I particularly enjoy her Korean star makeup tutorials.

beautifymeeh - She, like frmheadtotoe, does really great korean star makeup tutorials.  I also like how she connects with her audience through her personal stories w/ her husband!

chicachew - I enjoy her reviews.  She does a lot of beauty subscriptions like birchbox and glossy box, etc. etc. I really like hearing what she has to say about all the items and think that her recommendations are very thorough.

jaaackjack - I think she's a great makeup artist.  She's also a very warm person in her videos and I think her reviews are very thorough and honest.

Do you have any favorite beauty gurus?  Any you tubers that you subscribe to?

Anyway, hope you enjoy some of my favorites too.  Just type in their youtube names, and watch their videos!


  1. Awesome goodies! ;D I participated in a focus group once in Argentina. I got paid with money but I felt really awkward when I learned what they needed me to do! It was to test how advertising at the ATM influences customers. They told me I had to do a few transactions at an imaginary ATM (haha) and they asked questions later; what sucked was that I needed to pretend I was talking to myself the whole time! I had to say things like "So, I have to deposit this check, blah, blah ..." They were recording the whole time.

    It was no biggie, but I'm super shy, hehe. Plus, I had very little experience with ATMs at the time.

    1. lol, that sounds like it would be a bit awkward to be recorded like that - i would feel the same way!


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