Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Nisol Days 3 - Dreams

Being married to a writer is an adventure.  The husband always keeps life interesting.  Being married to him has taught me to dream big and just believe that it will happen.  He has to have that belief in order for him to be a writer - but for me... it's still something really hard to do.   And if you read my previous post, you would know that I tend to have reservations and fears when it comes to making and believing that things will happen.  I try though, and in the times when I do truly pursue my dreams, goals, visions, whatever it is, I find that it is truly worth all the struggle, hardship, and pain.

His book teaches me to be fearless.  For those of you who have not seen my Nisol Day posts, please go to this post for explanation of what Nisol is: Happy Nisol Day.  

Today, I will be featuring another aspect of Nisol: Crepes and Sushi.  My husband is very skilled at writing food scenes, so many of these Nisol posts will probably revolve around food.

The protagonist, Eri (which will also be the name of our future daughter if we are so lucky enough to have one!), loves food.  The smell of crepe is enough to get her hypnotized.  Her signature order is simple: strawberries, whipped creme, and chocolate sauce.  I have crazy dreams of one day having a ramen shop themed around the book, serving this as its dessert.  Followers of the book would make sure to eat at this ramen shop whenever they visit the city it end up being in.

 haha, but of course, just one of those crazy dreams I have that will probably never come true.  This, and also one day having my own stationary store -- now that would be so awesome! I'm allowed to dream, right? :)

Nisol is a hedonistic society where you can have whatever you want with "no cost" to you.  This restaurant reminded me of what a restaurant would look like in Nisol, except in Nisol, you wouldn't need menus.  Restaurants are technologically advanced enough to "know" exactly what you want, without you having to even order.  A touch of your finger is all it takes to know exactly what it is that you want.  Sounds so cool huh??  But of course, things are never as they seem.. and I will leave it at that for now :)

So through these posts, I feel like I'm somewhat building up the book... slowly revealing more and more about it until the day it's finally ready enough to be shared w/ everyone.  I can't wait for that day.  And that is one dream that I know will indeed come true.  


  1. I dream about having a stationery shop too, mainly because there aren't many around here anymore.

  2. Opening a stationery store would be the most cutest thing :) I dream of opening my own cafe of some sort.

  3. This book sounds awesome! My bf is a sci fi nut and introduced me to authors like Richard Morgan. Cant wait to hear more about the book!



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