Friday, July 6, 2012

Washi Tape Shop Recommendations

A few weeks ago, I asked where everyone purchased their washi tape.  I love washi tape and I do believe it's worth the price a lot of times depending on the retailer... However, as a teacher, I don't make a whole lot of extra discretionary income. So good deals are always more than welcomed.  After doing research and in my own experiences, I've found that washi tapes generally cost between $3-5 per roll, unless you find a good deal.  Here is a compilation of things that you all have recommended as well as places I have found:

Good Deals on Washi Tapes:

One of the best deals was recommended by my favorite blogger of the month, Miki from Miki's Scrapbook (hehe, another reason why my favorite blog of the month!).  She recommended Yardsellr. She posted about Yardsellr here along with some other good things to know.  Yardsellr is pretty much like an online yard sale where anyone can post things that they want to sell and us customers can pretty much go in and purchase these items.  After getting this recommendation, I immediately went on to Yardsellr and got a $5 off deal for registering. SO, I purchased this set of washi tape for a total of $4.51 (had free shipping!).  Apologies for the bad quality of picture, I couldn't seem to get a regular sized pic of it.


I saw on pinterest that people were getting washi tape for super cheap from Target.  It led me to City in  Jar's blog post about washi tape here.  Supposedly these target washi tapes were 4 rolls for $4!  This is winner for best deals!

I'm not sure if it's at all Targets since I stopped by one today and couldn't find any tape, but once I do find this, I will be purchasing a ton of them!

Poodles and Noodles

This was recommended by Kat from 'the craft bureau.' I post this under good deals for now because they are having a sale on their website right now until July 11.  They have a lovely selection.  Go to

Wishy Washi Tape

They have a pretty good sale selection with tapes under $3.  With shipping, it will be $4-5, which is the standard price of washi tapes, but the more you buy, the more it becomes worth it!  Also, if you are a domestic buyer, you can get free shipping of orders $50 or more.  I'm tempted to one day just order $50 worth of washi tapes!!

I'm really liking this one that's on their site for $3

The Plaid Barn
If you've ever heard of groupon, living social deals, or amazon local, the plaid barn is basically the crafty version of it!  They have daily deals that you can purchase for a fraction of the original cost.  One time, I saw this lovely airmail washi tape being sold for $1.97 per roll!!  Shipping was also not bad if I remember correctly (unless you are international, unfortunately.. perhaps it wouldn't be worth it)

Right now, they're actually hosting a deal for a goodie box filled with over $50 worth of crafty supplies for only $13.97.  It's a surprise box full of what sounds like really nice things!  Hurry though, the sale ends soon.  If you are interested in buying it, click it through my pin so that I can get 1 point :D  I am so tempted to buy it because I love surprises and especially crafty goodies!


And of course, Typo is a great retailer that occasionally has them on sale.  I've gotten washi tapes from them for $1-2 in the past.

Other recommendations:

So these sites are pretty standard with their washi tape prices, but they do have great selections. 

Crafty Japan  - Recommended by Kat as well from
Omiyage & Cute Tape - Recommended by Laura from Please deliver to...

Thanks to all who gave me these recommendations! I had so much fun shopping.  I will make sure to update my blog whenever I find good deals and good shops!


  1. Great list of shops! And I love the concept of Yardsellr!

    1. Yeah, yardsellr is such a cool concept. I want to try to sell on their soon!

  2. Fab post - thank you - just at the right time as I am online literally now to buy some more for my son's b'day this month :o)

    1. Yay! I am glad it was useful and I hope you were able to find some good deals on washi tape for your son's birthday. Hope to see some of the packages you make out of them on your blog!

  3. The Target washi tape is hard to spot in the store. It is in with office supplies, next to the colored paper clips and such, on the second shelf. I looked and could not find any in Target. So I asked and they showed me where it was after I described it to them. I doubt I'd have found it otherwise. All the Targets I've found it in have it in the same location. Also, it is translucent just like the washi tape I got via Amazon. My Target didn't have any orange, but I found some at Target in TX. I bought 2 packages of all 4 I wouldn't run out...LOL.

    1. Thank you for this!!! I will try again next time I go to target because they are such an amazing deal!

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  5. Love this post so much!

    If I come across anything else ill be sure to share here :)

    Kat x

  6. Thanks for this! I'll be on the lookout for these.

  7. This place also has them for $2.50+in this section

    Price seem to depend on quality and brand but the selection seem great.

    I need to rack up $50 also to get free shipping!

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