Thursday, July 5, 2012

June Favorites

My beauty vloggers usually do monthly favorites with their beauty products, so I thought I'd do one on my random favorites for each month.  This can be a way that I will incorporate my etsy finds too!  I invite all of you to do the same.  I always find out new things from these vlogs.  So if you are interested in blogging about your monthly favorites, here are some ideas:

1.  Favorite Washi Tape
2.  Favorite Etsy Store and/or "etsy-ish" store
3.  Favorite Blog
4.  Favorite beauty and/or health product
5.  Favorite foodie find
6.  Favorite DIY tutorial
7.  Favorite package/mail/letter that you either sent or received

So here is my compilation of June Favorites:

1.  Favorite Washi Tape:
Currently, I am loving this pastel pink tape that I got from a giveaway that I won from memtree.

2.  Favorite Etsy Store

I've seen Sora Designs at local craft fairs a few times and have always purchased something from her table.  She has such pretty jewelry.

3.  Favorite Blog

My favorite blog this month is miki's scrapbook.  She has such fresh ideas and a way of putting smiles on your face! I really enjoy her blog - everything from her compendium posts to her package and mail posts to her every day life posts.  I appreciate too how she keeps it real and shares herself with all her readers in a way that you can connect and relate.  She asks questions that strike up great blogging conversation. I get lots of inspiration from her blog and laughs & smiles as well :D

4.  Favorite Beauty Product

I got this lip and cheek stain as a sample in my birchbox and really loved it.  It's the stainiac from 'the balm.'  I love stuff that has multipurpose use.  It gives a nice subtle blush color and natural lip tint.

5.  Favorite Foodie Find
Hands down, this ice cream.  I posted about Smitten in my blog a few weeks ago here.  So unforgettable!

 6.  Favorite package and/or letter sent or received

I participated in a package swap this month as I discussed in a few posts before, and I just received my package from my swap partner the other day.  I was SO extremely ecstatic when I opened it and saw all the goodies inside.  It was all my favorite stuff!! snacks, cute things, stationaries, pencils/pens, boxes, notepads. What's not to love!?!  Thanks to my lovely swap partner Beth from Life, Penpaling, and other things.  Opening each wrapped item was so much fun and a nice surprise! thanks again Beth for this AMAZING package :D

7.  Favorite DIY

This is so cute and a very simple idea.  Looks like the washi tapes are actually part of the wrapping paper! Love it and will be doing this to my packages too.


  1. I'm just in the process of wrapping my son's presies with plain paper and washi - love it!

    1. ooo! I'd love to see it. And yes, washi tape can make anything plain look sophisticated and pretty

  2. This is such a great idea! I love this way of discovering new blogs, items, DIYs, etc.. Maybe I should do something likewise on my blog as well!

    1. Yes! You should, i'd love to know what your favorites were this month :D

  3. I loved reading your favorites! And you're welcome again, I'm so glad you enjoyed the package, I had fun putting it together! :)

    1. Thanks Beth! I know what you mean, it's always such a pleasure putting packages together. Love doing these swaps!

  4. I like all your favourites! Such a cute post idea

    1. Thanks trishie!! I appreciate you stopping by - just scrolled through your blog and looks like we have similar tastes :D I will be following your posts!!


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