Friday, August 3, 2012

July Favorites

July has come to an end.  I can't believe how quickly it went!  I will miss the summer, but am looking forward to the upcoming school year.  It's going to go so fast though, and all I want is for time to slow down. 2012 is more than half way over!!

Anyhow, every month, I share my favorites of the following:

1.  Favorite Washi Tape
2.  Favorite Etsy Store and/or "etsy-ish" store
3.  Favorite Blog
4.  Favorite beauty and/or health product
5.  Favorite foodie find
6.  Favorite DIY tutorial
7.  Favorite package/mail/letter that you either sent or received

As always, I invite you all to do the same! I enjoy seeing what other people enjoy for the month since it gives me ideas.

1.  Favorite Washi Tape:

I've really been loving this pastel, colorful washi tape.  It is so pretty!  This pair was the one I used for a baby shower gift I gave to my cousin.  These two go really well by themselves or with other striped/dotted patterned washi tapes.  I love them so much!

2.  Favorite Etsy Store: Comme Les Loupes

This shop has such pretty packaging supplies from washi tapes, to paper bags, to twine, etc.  What I really loved most at this shop though was their sticker collection.  I haven't really seen these around, but I would love to have a set of these masking sticker sets.  They have pretty patterns and I can imagine all the fun things you can do with them to letters, packages, and gifts.

3.  Favorite Blog: Papered Thoughts
I just found this blog in the last few weeks and I absolutely LOVE it.  Letters, packages, washi tapes, stationaries, etc.  Everything I love and captured beautifully through her photos. I admire her blog very much.

4.  Favorite Beauty and/or healthy product: Nude 'Tude Eye Shadow Palette

It would have to be my Nude'Tude palette that I won from a youtube giveaway.  One of my beauty guru's did this giveaway and I have been really loving this eyeshadow palette.  Many youtube beauty gurus claim this is comparable to the highly coveted naked palette.  I can't really compare since I don't have the naked palette, but I do really love this one.  There are a variety of neutral colors that can be used for simple, every day looks.

5.  Favorite foodie find: Sapporo Ya in Japantown SF
photo via yelp

Tried this place a week ago and really enjoyed it.  It's not my most favorite ramen place in San Francisco, but they handmake their noodles.  I'm more of a broth person when it comes to ramen - broth will be what will win me over.  This place was delicious because of it's noodles.  They look delicious right?

6.  Favorite DIY tutorial: Pom Pom Cushion from The Craft Bureau

via the Craft Bureau

When I saw this, I thought it was so pretty.  It totally looks like something I would buy for my house to spruce it up.  Kat from the Craft Bureau made this based on a tutorial she saw from here.  I really love love love the pattern she chose too - which she said was inexpensive.  I hope to try making one at some point in time because it's just so cute!

7.  Favorite package/mail/letter that you either sent or received

My favorite would have to be what I sent out for elevated envelope.  As you may have already been able to tell, I love kawaii faces.

Hope you all had a fabulous July! Cheers to the new month!


  1. What a great month of favourites. I like the washi tape and papered thoughts is indeed a great blog :)

  2. So many awesome favs! I wish we had a Japan town in the UK :(! The Kawaii faces have put a smile on my face today! SOOOO CUTE!

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